Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I hate my class, I hate my class

Today was a day where I could only stand in disbelief at the friends I have this year. For bellwork, the class walk around the room and talk to their friends. This is a daily occurence where I chase down these wanderers and herd them to their desks. Then I have a reprieve due to specials.

This morning the principal came down to third grade to talk to all of the classes about responsibility, using strategies, etc. It was great...I actually thought for a second she was getting to them. But she left and they went back their usual antics. I pulled my must pass the TAKS friends but couldn't hear them. My act-a-fool friend flipped the bird to some girls during lunch. Another friend I kicked out of my room because he was just sitting there as if he was done with all of his work. Really? Pull it out and show me. "I can't find it but I know I turned it in." I escorted him out of room and gave him another worksheet.

Everyday I am disrespected by the students in my class. Everyday I lecture the class about turning in their work. I am not counting down to the weekend. Nor Spring Break. I am counting down to the end of the year. I want out and away from this group of friends. I want to start over with a class that cares.

How did my day end? After I finished my afterschool duty, I went to my room and sat at my desk. I didn't even turn on the lights.


Rachael said...

That sucks. I really admire that you get up and do the job that you do every day, I would not have the patience.

SmWonder00 said...

Are you sure we don't have the same class? Because I feel like I struggle everyday just to impart minimal knowledge. Behavior is my enemy! Don't give up!

Catherine said...

I am going through the same thing. I teach kindergarten and the children are so terrible this year. They stick out their tongues and laugh at me when I try to correct them. The parents side with them so I don't stand a chance. At this point I don't know what to do.