Saturday, February 28, 2009

Payday Funday

Payday is always a funday for me because it means I can indulge in things most people with money can do such as buy food, go shopping and do things that are not free. So far my Payday Weekend has been good. I have bought 190 dollars worth of groceries. Yea food! I ordered off of Amazon a bra, a blue jean skirt and a Daft Punk cd. I can justify the bra...after a horrifying professionally done bra fitting, I now know what my bra size is and need to restock all of the bras I had before. The jean skirt I realize I need in my wardrobe because the one I had before is woefully too tight on me and I used to wear it all of the time. The Daft Punk cd I just wanted. I did my Payday errands and will do my car maintenance errands next Saturday. I also need to buy a 3 year boy a birthday present this week and get ready to administer the reading TAKS test to my class this Tuesday.

Normally I would be stressing about the sudden addition to and subtraction from my bank account but I just submitted my taxes online and will be getting my direct deposit refund around the start of my Spring Break. For me that is unheard have acutal money to spend during a major school break. I won't go crazy with the refund, I will pay down some bills but I definitely will enjoy myself.

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