Thursday, February 5, 2009

Saved by a former parent!

Today was a long day where it seemed that we acheived nothing but get on my nerves. We had a performance today by a children's opera company that lasted an hour. My class was scheduled for vision and hearing testing today. Then in the afternoon, the music teacher wanted to work with the third and fourth graders to practice for an upcoming performance. Let's just say the performance was a joke of epic proportions. Kids shoving, jammed on the risers, sitting down, doing all types of weird things with their hands. Basically, it was laughable. We teachers will have to be there for the performance.

Afterschool tutoring was today was from 2:45-4:30 and the bus actually came close to that time. That is when the fun really began....just a couple of miles from the school, my tire blew out. I don't have AAA anymore and I wouldn't know how to change a tire if Mr. Goodyear himself showed me how. So, I called my friend L. and she gave me the numbers of anyone who was in the area. No one answered and I don't blame them, I don't answer phone calls from strange numbers. As I talked to L., a truck pulled over in front of me with a little girl yelling my name. Her father came up to me, said he would help and eventually put the spare on. (Sidenote: Does anyone have a PT Cruiser and do they have the tire under the car? He had to get another tool just to get to the spare. Way too much work.) He said my tires were low and told me to follow him to the house where he had an air compressor. (Second sidenote: father noticed that my hubcaps were placed so that one could not get to the air valves on the tires. Thanks Discount Tire for your crap work.) Thank god I work in the flippin' country where people have random machinery like that. My former student told me all about her and her brothers tendency to hurt themselves and I silently thanked God that I was saved by this parent.

After I got the air put in the tires, I drove all through creation back to the main road and straight to Discount Tire. Which was closed. At six. I yelled at one of the employees if there was anyplace else I could go. He said Wal-Mart. I drove straight to Wally World and they sold me a new tire for 90 bucks. I have slacked off on car maintenance due to living in brokedom and I see now why it is so important. I can get an oil change, tire rotation, hell another tire after my next paycheck. Sweet baby Jesus, I can't handle stress like this again.

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