Saturday, February 7, 2009

They are the exception, not the rule

Went to the matinee showing of "He's Just Not That Into You" with my Meetup group. I typically shy away from chick flicks but I wanted to see this one because of all the star power in it. It dragged in parts and wasn't as funny as one would think, but it wasn't bad. My question goes out to the parents of the pre-teen girls in front of me-what were you thinking? This movie is a strong PG-13 and if you bring your kids with you, prepare to be embarrassed. And there is nothing worse than not looking at the screen when people are having sex. (Oh and I had a coupon for a small popcorn for free! Hell yeah, I used that coupon.)

Afterwards, we went out to eat at Abuelo's and had a great lunch. Had lots of fun talking to the chicks in the group and can't wait to join the group again. The highlight of the group was a hilarious realtor who discussed her trials and tribulations in the dating scene. A friend was having his birthday today and unfortuanately the plans for the party were cancelled due to many dealing with the flu. Too bad I didn't find out about the cancellation until I had pulled up in front of the house and questioned where everyone's cars were. I called L. and she said the party had been cancelled. Oh well, it didn't sting too bad because I had gone out earlier in the day. But I will miss having the eggplant parmesean. In fact, I wipe a tear of sadness off of my face because of it.

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