Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Woo hoo! I's rich!

Over the weekend, I joined a group of friends on a trip to Winstar Casino in Oklahoma. And yes, some of us sang the song. I brought 50 bucks and very quickly found that I had no luck. Every penny machine I touched turned to crap. I couldn't find the awesome Star Wars slots and became slightly depressed. I just wanted to find a machine that would let me play for awhile. I went to the atm to get another 20 bucks to that would hopefully last the rest of the night. I grabbed the twenty, prayed to sweet baby Jesus and spied a wonderful sight, "Jambalya Jackpot". It just rolls off the tongue. I started to play and very quickly my 5 bucks grew to a wonderful amount....$115 dollars! This is my fun money, this is my Dr. Ray money, this is my emergency gas money....this is awesome. I didn't win a million or a thousand but I am so flippin' happy.

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