Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Blog List

By the way, I just wanted to explain the seemingly random blogs on here. I teach so there are a few teaching blogs. It is hard to find teaching blogs where the writer is not all rainbows and unicorns. Teaching is hard work and at times the kids are not fun and you don't feel like anything inspiring is happening in the classroom. It isn't that I don't love teaching, I can't imagine not doing it but I can't handle blogs where the writer never writes about the frustrations of teaching...or of the small paychecks that one receives on a monthly basis.

I feature the personal finance blogs on here because I have learned that I must budget and be wise with my money, I am still not always in the black but I try.

I also feature food blogs that talk about Bento lunches. These are Japenese style lunches that just look cool. At times I have been lazy with my lunches and when I have opened up by lunch bag and stared at the mess I brought, I have sighed with disappointment. I now try to fix tasty lunches and make them visually appealing because I want to be happy during my lunch.

Finally, I have fashion blogs on here that talk about dressing for less. My first year teaching I have a lousy wardrobe and I looked like crap. Why? Because I did not have a professional wardrobe. I have slowly put together a wardrobe but I always need inspiration about what looks good with what and how to wear what I have in my closet.

Oh, I have Photoshop Disasters on here because it is funny!

I realized my blog list was random and I just had to say why.

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