Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer: AKA Free At Last!

So far the break has gone the way most breaks go, my skin has flared and I am now currently waiting for everything to clear up. As usual, I am dead broke and I am counting the minutes to the next paycheck. I opted out of summer school at the last minute due to needing a mental break and I have been enjoying not having to deal with smart ass kids. I have napped, watched several hours of crap tv and basically enjoyed not having to do anything.

Unfortunately, my balcony plants are dying a quick death in the summer heat and I pray that we get more rain soon. I have spent a couple of hundred dollars on my balcony and it would be nice that it wasn't all in vain.

I look forward to seeing as many summer movies as possible. So far I have seen Wolverine, Terminator: Salvation and Star Trek. Wolverine was disappointing-how can you screw up a movie with Hugh Jackman?-by not having any kind of plausible script. Yup, even in comic book movies the script must be reasonable. I loved Terminator and especially the touches they added for fans, including a scene with Arnie!!! I just saw Star Trek and it was good but not as good as everyone has said. You still need to know a little about the Star Trek universe to get all of the jokes about characters and it had a semi-confusing script about space travel and its effect on future events. There is to be no heavy thinking during the summer, Hollywood.

I look forward to my next paycheck and hopefully by next month will be able to do some of the school things I need to do to get ready for next year.

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