Friday, June 26, 2009


Payday happened yesterday and may I say, Thank God! I am so happy to have bills paid and money in the bank. I am desperately trying to keep my plants alive and trying to stay cool inside my apartment.

Yesterday was a sad day....Farrah Fawcett died and then Michael Jackson died unexpectantly. It hit me that this man had been around my whole life, providing the soundtrack. In no way do I forgive what he did to those boys but the music was and is amazing. I spent the better part of Thursday youtubing his music. I had forgotten what an amazing performer he was.

My plans for the weekend are to get my car washed, get stools for my apartment, see a movie, go to the mall and to the library. I also need to clean my bathroom, read and put away my clean clothes. I want to also get a couple of new plants for the balcony because the ones I have are looking a little raggedy due to the intense heat.

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