Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hey man, you ain't even in my class!

So I have the once beloved but now hated duty of study hall teacher. I supervise students who are finishing work during their recess time. I have seen the same bunch of yahoos since the first day of school. There is the boy whose hair is never combed who has a special place next to me on the floor so he won't distract neighbors, just me. There is the other boy who has a special place on the other side of the room on the floor so I won't strangle him when he starts talking to himself (which he will do and he seems to have conversations with himself as well).

Well, one of the characters, lazy boy, showed up today in study hall. He usually just sits there and never finishes an assignment. Today, he decided to switch things up. He had to use the bathroom (yeah right). He talked to his friend from across the room. He decided he needed to take his neighbor's eraser. I called him out on all of his offenses and he continued to not lift a pencil on his assignment. Finally, he began to swing his feet wildly under his desk almost hitting the person right across from him. After I threatened him with a visit to the office, he finally calmed down. And didn't finish his assignment.

I haven't had that much drama in my class in months and it was caused by a twerp who isn't even in my class.

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