Friday, October 16, 2009

I got my grades in!

I couldn't get into the school grading system over the weekend. I had to wait for Monday. Then I printed out missing grades through the system and saw missing assignments that I know I had put into my gradebook. What happened? The system had "lost" the grades I entered in the day before. My precious beautiful grades. The grades that took an hour to put into the stupid gradebook. So I did what any rushed and frantic teacher would do...I gave the kids an assignment to keep them busy and put in grades. I can't answer your question....I can't help you....I don't know...let me put these grades in, class. The grades are officially finished for the grading period and now I have a weekend to enjoy the beautiful weather.

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halpey1 said...

Benefit 331 about teaching kindergarten... the grades are REALLY simple. :)