Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's the thought that counts

So it is near the end of the semester and the days on dragging on forever. Students are bringing me gifts which are great because they thought about me but not so great when I actually see what is in the bag.

If you are going to go to Dollar General or Dollar Store or anyplace that has a dollar in it, just save your money.

If you are going to grab used items and wrap them in a mysterious ash substance, don't waste your time. (Is it crack in the bag? Did you give me crack?)

If you are going to create an art project that consists of toothpicks, feathers, pom poms, paint and the words "You rock", uh...thanks?

If you were to bring me books for my classroom library, gift cards to Kroger, the movies or Target or you were to give me a quilt that has the names of all the people in my class so that I can forever remember that year with your child (best teacher gift of all, second best was a gift card to the movies), I would appreciate it forever!

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