Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Xmas (I mean, "Winter Holiday") Party News

So, in the middle of this lengthy period of testing and grading that I have been stuck in, I have been trying to set up stuff for next week including the Winter Holiday party. I sent notes last week discussing the items we will need. So far I have about 4 students who will be bringing store bought cookies, 2 juice boxes (hopefully enough for the whole class), napkins and plates and crackers. What about the fruit, veggies, dip, sandwich meat and cheese that I asked for? Who knows....apparently that stuff is too much effort for my parents.

I am not doing any gift exchanges because last year was so abyssmal. Students were asked to bring in books so we could exchange them. First, there was not enough books. Second, some students brought in already used books. Third, some of the books brought in were actually books for babies. Fourth: Some brought in books that were not wrapped, another pain in my butt. Lesson: I will never be in charge of that in my class again. Instead, Christmas bingo, coloring books as gifts from me (thank you Dollar Tree) and fingers crossed, no parents. It is very hard to discipline a kid when there parent is not doing their job. I hate any deviation from my schedule and despise classroom parties, so please pray that we will get other types of food and will not have any parents showing up.

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