Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Is it drink o'clock yet?

Three things

1. I had about 10 students not put their names on their math homework. I lit into the class because this is second semester. I have told them again and again that I am not the FBI or CSI and therefore I will not investigate whose work is whose. So all of my friends who did not put their name on their work went to study hall. Their assignment was to write the sentence, " I will write my name on all of my work" until their piece of paper was filled. I told them what they were to do and that no other assignments were to be done. They were to only do lines. The study hall teacher pulled me aside and explained that one of my friends has caused a ruckus in the room. All of the students from my class told him that he had not done the assignment correctly. He argued and continued to color another assignment. Then the teacher showed me the work he did. He literally had drawn lines all over the paper. Arghhhhhhh!

2. Immediately afterwards, the study hall teacher pointed out that another of my friends had finished writing lines. I went to see what he had done. He had written an apology letter. I told him I appreciated the sentiment but that is not what he was supposed to do! Arghhhhhhh!

3. Later on, I had pulled several students aside who did not understand the concept of half past, quarter till and quarter after. One student had completely gotten the assignment wrong when she reversed all of the minute hands with the hour hands. Then she argued with me that her mother had told her how to get the answer, even though she was wrong. Another friend (who had drawn the lines on the paper, really?) wrote down on the paper that it was half past thirteen. Show me where there is a thirteen on a clock! Thirteen!! Arghhhhhhh!

After work, I went to a nearby bar and ate fattening foods and drank two beers. I am so over this day, it ain't even funny.

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