Friday, February 19, 2010

Sit, I Said Sit!!!

We apparently got a bad case of Spring Break-itis around the school because the kids are unable to follow basic instructions such as stop, turn it into math, write your name on your work, etc. I am finally having to stop what we are doing and talk about appropriate behavior, something I did all of last year (because that class was evil). My kids are now complaining about having to work (Really? Did you think think this was Disney World?) and have been extra talkative. I have even lined them up and done "Direction Tests". They consist of me telling them to sit, stand, turn around and basically do what I ask of them without trying to go to their cubbies or getting pencils or asking if we are going to go outside.

The only positive about this is I know my class is mild in its misbehavior. My teammates' have classes where the students constantly ask questions (because they didn't listen the first time and haven't problem solved at all) and/or have "issues" (immature and babied by parents). We all need a break, students and teachers, asap.

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