Saturday, July 17, 2010

School Supplies

One of my great joys as a kid was Back to School shopping. New clothes and new school supplies. It was awesome opening up a notebook and pulling out a freshly sharpened pencil and writing the first words in it. And as a teacher I tend to get giddy buying new supplies for my classroom. I always have additional supplies for my students especially since many don't have all of the required supplies when they first arrive. I have never understood why some of my students have all of the required notebooks, several reams of construction and manila paper but don't have a pair of scissors to their name. Or any coloring supplies. Or glue. Or more than a pack of pencils. So during the summer, I pick up whatever is one sale and will set up the additional supplies for students to use during the year. Scissors, glue bottles (not those worthless glue sticks) and real wooden pencils are things I like to pick up. I have enough crayons and markers to skip buying them for this year.

Our school supply list ask the students to have several glue sticks and I hate that they are the preferred glue at our school. When did traditional glue bottles get such a bad rap? Yes, they can be messy but parents and previous teacher should have taught kids proper glue ettiquette. Don't use too much, don't eat it, don't put it on your hand and peel it off like dried skin. Bottled glue just works better than glue sticks.

Since the new Target next to me is so close, I am there almost daily. I can't help it, Target rocks. And one of my beloved features is the dollar area they have in the front of the store. It features seasonal items for as low as a dollar. I picked up several garden items this spring for my garden. They have changed out their items to feature school stuff. I have already picked up a gradebook and lesson plan book. Their gradebooks have thinner paper than I would like but I have used them for a couple of years now and they do the job fine. I decided to really plan out my lessons and bought a lesson plan book. If you decided to buy them from their dollar section, be careful. The lesson plan book did not have enough pages for the whole school year. I had to buy a second one to finish the year. They had some really good stamp sets that feature phrases like "no name" on them which can save time if you have frequent no namers in your class.

Have fun supply shopping and hopefully I will catch a great pencil and scissors sale.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Reality TV is My Drug

Is there anything better to soak up during the summer months then reality tv? Yes, there are scripted shows but there are so few of them that I watch.

My favorite summer reality show is once again back on-Big Brother. Big Brother has several attractive people in a house and basically the last one standing in the winner of half a million dollars. The guests are typically young, dumb and often victims of bad breast enlargement surgeries.

The show is frustrating because CBS has often added twists to this show-people who don't know they are siblings, former lovers, etc. The twists always seem to fall apart and never last the duration of the show.

Well, another twist bit the dust last night. They had a saboteur who was going to harass the other houseguests and basically make their lives miserable. So far the person had locked up their food supply, put mysterious x's on two of the houseguests pictures and put some annoying electronic beepers in the house. No one knew who the jerk was but everyone had multiple suspects in mind. CBS decided to ruin the mystery early and told us the saboteur was a houseguest named Annie. And like all twists on Big Brother it quickly fell apart when she was voted off. A great idea, Big Brother but is there anyway you could do something to have your twists last longer than a couple of weeks? If you are interested in watching the annual summer car wreak that is this show, here is the official website to watch previous episodes

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I have two staff developments that I need to attend this month. Also, I have to start working on lesson plans for the year. The good thing about the staff developments is that they are in my town and not an hour away. I love not having to wake up at 5:15 in the morning. I love not having to leave my house unless I want to. I love laying out at the pool. Summers off are one of the perks of being a teacher that I just love!