Friday, July 16, 2010

Reality TV is My Drug

Is there anything better to soak up during the summer months then reality tv? Yes, there are scripted shows but there are so few of them that I watch.

My favorite summer reality show is once again back on-Big Brother. Big Brother has several attractive people in a house and basically the last one standing in the winner of half a million dollars. The guests are typically young, dumb and often victims of bad breast enlargement surgeries.

The show is frustrating because CBS has often added twists to this show-people who don't know they are siblings, former lovers, etc. The twists always seem to fall apart and never last the duration of the show.

Well, another twist bit the dust last night. They had a saboteur who was going to harass the other houseguests and basically make their lives miserable. So far the person had locked up their food supply, put mysterious x's on two of the houseguests pictures and put some annoying electronic beepers in the house. No one knew who the jerk was but everyone had multiple suspects in mind. CBS decided to ruin the mystery early and told us the saboteur was a houseguest named Annie. And like all twists on Big Brother it quickly fell apart when she was voted off. A great idea, Big Brother but is there anyway you could do something to have your twists last longer than a couple of weeks? If you are interested in watching the annual summer car wreak that is this show, here is the official website to watch previous episodes

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Hedgetoad said...

no kidding! I didn't even tune it to see who it was because I was so disgusted at the revelation so soon.