Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gotta do it but I don't want to

I already have some friends who I am worried about this year and we haven't finished the first grading period. I have tried to get in contact with my Spanish speaking parents to inform them of my concerns, but I have not been successful. I will keep trying to get in contact with them.

I have an English speaker who has got me very concerned. She is below grade level in reading and is failing math, reading and language arts. I know her family wants me to start tutoring with her and I am dreding starting it. I am going to do it but I really value my after school time. I hope they are good at picking her up and that I can see some improvement in her skills.

So far, the class is good academically and very chatty. I have to keep on top of them, especially my front row. Ah, my front row. I have my three ADD kids in the front row close to me so I can keep track of them. Anytime I work at my big table in the back of the room, I have them move close to me. The good thing about my three is that they are strong academically. The bad thing about my three is that I am always having to deal with them. Taking things from them, telling them to stop touching one another, getting them to focus on the discussion, etc. I feel like I am constantly reprimanding a bad dog.

Maybe I should find check out the Dog Whisperer so I can get some more techniques on how to get my three under control.

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