Friday, October 8, 2010

So tired and run down

I am trying to recover from a cold that hasn't fully materialized and hasn't yet gone away yet. Theraflu is my cold drug of choice and I am waiting for the right time tonight to knock myself out.

The class was rowdy today and one student in particular was more out of it than usual. He makes sounds through out the day. "Ow", "Ouch", "Ewwww" are some of his usual utterances. The problem is that his sounds are loud and frequent. I have started having him sit out part of his recess for his frequent outbursts. I have not been told any behavioral issues but the child has them. He can not stay seated not for one minute. He sees any opportunity as an opportunity to talk to me. I can not wait for a parent conference to find out what is going on at home.

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